Why “Donate Now!” buttons don’t work

Can your website charm potential donors?

Welcome to the first Big River Online Blog entry. We’ll always make sure these are short and snappy, but in this first post we have to cover just a bit of the fundamentals.

For those who don’t know us, Big River Online has developed software that helps organizations like yours boost their online giving numbers.

(Since just 8% of all donations are conducted online, we’re going to take a leap here and speculate that there’s room for improvement with your online fundraising.)

Why don’t more people give online? Well, there are a couple reasons that you can’t do much about. Some people are just leery about online financial transactions. It’s tough or impossible to convince that group otherwise.

Also, some of the people with the deepest pockets aren’t too swift with this whole Internet thing.

But the main reason people don’t give online is because it’s such an impersonal process. There’s no familiarity, no warmth, no recognition of the individual’s history with the institution or organization.

Those generic “Donate now” pages just don’t work. Go ahead, put a stock photo of a smiling attractive woman wearing a headset next to your “Donate” tab—it still won’t work.

Granted, an automated process can never be as warm as a handshake and a heartfelt ‘thank you.’ But you’d be amazed at how personalized—and hence more effective—online fundraising can be.facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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